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Practical Party Method with Fabio Raian
Practical Party Method with Fabio Raian

Practical Party Method with Fabio Raian

$ 180 | 3 days in which they will obtain all the knowledge of this distinguished decorator: from personal development to financial management. Followed by the practical demonstration, with techniques for assembling sublimated fabrics with different structures.

Hora y Ubicación

Jun 12, 2020, 9:00 AM – Jun 14, 2020, 5:00 PM

Online event

Información del Evento

Fabio Raian Brazilian decorator brings us the first virtual theoretical-practical course worldwide, with 18 countries participating, where you can meet other professionals in the party industry, in addition to all the strategies to position yourself as a great Decorator. 


* * Module I - Management and Prices *

1- How to properly start your business

2- Market Research

3- Current situation of the party market 

4 - Creation of new businesses and products

5- Billing x Profit

6- Competition 

7- Don't sell a product, sell an experience

8- Type of Service Agreement

9- Revealing the price

10- How to set achievable goals

* Module II - Differentiation Marketing

11- How to set achievable goals

12- Choose a name and turn it into a brand

13- Six pillars that support a party business

14- Study of definition of the public

15- Type of successful companies

16- How to become a leader in your acting category

17 The 10 pillars of differentiation

* Module III - Personal Development and Motivation

18- How to obtain better results with personal development 16

19- Find your purpose / objective (Your mission)

20- The importance of frustrations (pains) for the growth of the decorator

21- Bow and Arrow Effect - Decorator's Emotional Intelligence

22- The Benefits of Emotional Intelligence

23- Gratitude

* Module IV - Creation and practical assembly of a party

24 - Creation process

25- Basic design principles applied to party decoration

26- Technical visit

27- Basic collection

28- Request for virtual checklist

29- Differentiated use of balloons in projects

30- Sublimated panel and its differentials

31- Types of floor coverings

32- Distribution of sweets on the table

33- The five technical views of the decorator

34- The five technical views

35- Oval table structure (semi-circle)

36- Triple structure of cylindrical tables 

37- Structure of the rectangular table

38- Panel structure 

39- Materials needed for the structures

40- Appliques in foam board and movement

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  • Practical Party Method

    * Module I - Management and Prices. * Module II - Differentiation Marketing. * Module III - Personal Development and Motivation. * Module IV - Creation and practical assembly of a party.




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